Eight Faces of Yoga In Chicago;
Embodiment of The Eight Fold Path     
By Timmo

In The Yoga Sutra, Patanjali compiled 195 concise aphorisms that are essentially an ethical blueprint for living a moral and healthy life by incorporating yoga into each day.  The heart of Patanjali’s teachings is The Eight Fold Path of Yoga, or, sometimes called The Eight Limbs because they intertwine like the branches of a tree in the forest.  This is the direct translation of the Sanskrit word “Ashtanga”: Ashta means eight, ad Anga means limbs. 

When I first started to study yoga seriously here at Moksha Chicago, an amazing phenomenon occurred and reoccurred.  Away from the studio, I kept serendipitously meeting people who radiated a wonderful energy, full of light.  They also, it just so happens, practiced yoga.  The first time this happened was when I met Michael McColly, one of the yogis highlighted in this paper.  Others followed soon after, coming into my life like moon beams off Lake Michigan on a warm summer night. 

So when it came time for our great group of Moksha Yoga teacher trainees 2007 to choose a theme for a final thesis, mine simply emerged like the light from all these fine yogis: Faces of Yoga in Chicago.  The hard part was setting a limit on the number of people to include.  I decided on the number 8 to honor Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga and as a way of remembering the special meaning this number has in yogic culture.

So, with much humbleness and great appreciation to all yogis in Chicago, here is…

Eight Faces of Yoga in Chicago:  Embodiment of the Eight Fold Path.

1.  Lewis Waddle…the genre bender
2.  Mary Schmich…the journalist
3.  Michael McColly…the writer
4.  Nick and Lela Beem…yogis in love
5.  Paul Hnatiw…the traveler
6.  Jennifer Dillon…the community organizer
7.  Lucien Dall’Agata…the French professor
8.  Michael Faith…the peaceful warrior